Friday, September 11, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


regulations and statutes,
enacted to protect the nation's security,
ignored by the Washington elites,
security only a commodity,
to be bought or sold,
or traded to foreign friends,
or foes,
the most important thing,
keep the people ignorant,
do not let them know,
the things done,
and the agreements made,
if knowledgeable,
they would no longer agree to be peons,
and slaves,
working for foreign elites,
both friends,
and foes.

Atonement in Blue

the revolution begun,
unconcerned the masses,
sludging through the day to day,
laws not enforced,
cops killed,
or arrested,
cheering mobs taste blood,
and yearn for more,
God not dead,
only uninterested in the fate of hypocrites,
and pagans,
make martyrs of the police,
soon cities will burn,
flames spreading across the nation,
the revolution begun,
there is no turning back,
God help us all.

The Invasion

humanity on the move,
not the invasion of the Huns,
but deadly in its own right,
immigrants run from the flames,
run from the pain,
flooding towns and the countryside,
throwing themselves on bended knee,
pleading for mercy,
praying for help,
from a God they do not believe in,
and from a people considered infidels,
and enemies,
our problem now,
ISIS says,
as the money disappears.

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