Monday, September 7, 2015

Jennifer Lagier- Poem & Photo

Cannery Row
Refurbished shells of bankrupt canneries remain.
Before overfishing collapsed the industry,
these processed sardines hauled ashore by Sicilians.
Now they house tee shirt and candy stores,
clothing outlets, quaint cafes,
hook shoals of tourists, gutting their wallets.
A coffee shop replaces the old local whorehouse.
Doc Ricketts’ lab remains, sandwiched between
popular aquarium, upscale hotels, trendy restaurants.
The only remnants of rowdiness survive at Sly McFly’s:
raucous bands, drunken lovelies cadging free drinks,
desperate singles on the make seeking indiscreet hookups.
Day and night, messy dramas continue.
Only the names and faces have changed,
fallible characters from John Steinbeck novels.

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