Monday, October 27, 2014

Ryan Sparks- A Poem


Drunk poetry is bitter sweet.
Within the first sips,
you find your spirits lifted,
giggling silently to yourself as you
                                         drift away.
From the worries. From the pain.

Past the bottle neck, we reach the heart of your problems.
The thoughts of her flood your mind
as your kidneys work overtime.
You can't seem to let go as the bottle slips past your lips once again.
You find comfort in the hollow warmth,
recalling how it felt to hold her.
Bodies snug together.

A tight grip helps to steady the emotion flood.
You just can't seem to
                       let go
as the rest of you revisits April,
when you still felt alive....

And as the bottle dries with the final drops,
the tears start flowing

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