Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jack e Lorts- Three Poems

                             Ephram Pratt Anticipates the Voice of an Angel

Encountered by silence
in a reservation of light,

he stands guard
like a sentry in exile,

lifting an invisible voice
into harmony

with victorious angels,
lighting bronze lanterns,

casting light into
the darkness of mid-day,

the darkness of
antipathy, melting

into an assumption
of vinegar and delight.

Cross the deserts
of morality

with the sounds that echo,
like immigrant voices,

silent as syncopation.
etching its voice into

Francis of Assisi’s
frock, hanging loosely

from his shoulders,
and coughing in silence

to the ears pierced
by illuminating angels.

                             Ephram Pratt Explores Loneliness
Inelegant was the word
whispered into

a wispy silence

absurd signs of
soft digitalis and apples,

fondled softly
by shackaleers

leaning into the wind
arriving from the south.

If the fox glove
was withering,

it was news
to the elevator operators

incandescent logic,

while singing dirges
forgotten for centuries,

and revived only
for the realms of fantasy

held tightly
in the stirring aftermath

of liberated angst,
broken by

a moon shadowed

                             Ephram Pratt Winces at the Sound of Poppies

Delivered in silence
by voices heard

only in the vapors
of an expanded avoidance,

one crossing torches
and finger tips

with shackaleers
known to reach

heights and depths
or irrational indignation.

Color the irregularities
a colorless shade of mauve,

and let them lip sync
their way onto

the deserted rooftop
of a burning warehouse,

a roof lined with
secular candelabra,

whose flames whisper
nothing into

the roiling air above
                              a wilted grove of poppies.

BIO: Jack e Lorts has appeared widely, if infrequently, over the past 40+ years in such magazines as Arizona Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, English Journal, Oregon English Journal, Arsenic Lobster and High Desert Journal, etc. More recently, his “Ephram Pratt” poems have appeared extensively in Haggard and Halloo and Elohi Gadugi and elsewhere on-line. A retired educator, he’s active in state and local politics, currently Mayor of Fossil, OR (population 478). 

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