Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jonathan Beale- Three Poems

Cheap Trick

One slight; one night; once among the neon
and the bar room noise.
The chaos!
Everything seemed to be alien,
vaguely relative, yet somehow familiar.
The action: something invisible, something unreal.
Although important for the need of mankind
For the need - when all else has drained
Down, down, away... away... away….   

All their eyes were distracted by
The neon, billboards, and garbage blowing about...
Now forgotten.
Yesterday’s wants - now gone - bellies empty. 
Unrequired - yet to cut out as a cancer
To forget the image. just forget. 


Those boys by the water found
This harmonising: the lure of men
And one young one forgot to tie.
Passed by with his line of oarsmen
They themselves not blindfolded
He took in his youth
The reckless key to –
Fates sweet thought victory
And seen from a far
He looked a mad fool, lost all
Of his reason – their song and laughter
Called, called, called him without
Without ever uttering these words.

He in one swoop managed
To lose the love of those oarsmen
Whom he had known and loved
All his life.  And as the sirens
Slipped along and away: while
He found and floundered
Alone and drinking in the
Brine of his misfortune.
Gone now!  Gone!
Never to be heard again
Now only fleeting in the memory
And under the full moons
Fullest sky.

This dark mountains shadow

I.m. Robin Williams et al

Under this mountains shadow - Light has shone
Somehow finds a way back again. Sometime
Splits some heat: an historic fissure.
The anonymity of the shadow -
They who know; know too too well.
Seek the lighthouse: seek the light.
The hidden rocks beneath rip & tear,
In the randomness of fate. The curses coin
 is spun - From the worn grimly dull side
To that dawns glistening sheen.
Who flips, flicks this way, why & when?
The God of mood among the dulling cloud -
The weight of the cross: is never heard aloud
In this private, closed, and unwanted den.    

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