Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen- Two Poems

Tan Faces

A small matter of deleting was and will 
be from a moment’s fertile timelessness, 
a shimmering translucency as opinions 
and thoughts disappear from the faces 
of each moment, faces, finally, open 
and serene, forgiven, and forgiving.


The days, so cold
The nights, so long
Another tundra
wind from
above timberline
Wild geese and
blue heron
months ago,
black bear, deep
mule deer and elk
among pine and
leafless aspen.
The clock ticks
toward midnight,
the year,
about to end.
Here, beside this
glowing hearth,
you gently
place your lips
upon mine.

ayaz daryl nielsen, husband, father, veteran, x-roughneck (as on oil rigs)/hospice nurse, editor of bear creek haiku (25+ years/120+ issues), homes include Lilliput Review, Jellyfish Whispers, Boston Literary Magazine, Shamrock, Dead Snakes, and! (translates as joie de vivre)

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