Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Melanie Browne- A Poem

They say It starts with a Fever

I check into the hotel and wait for the elevator,
the Tae-Kwon-Do group I pass in the hall 

practices their kicks while laughing and running in circles,
I walk into the room and it is deathly still

and turn on the television like a zombie on auto-pilot
the volume is too loud but there is Jimi Hendrix

so I leave it alone and fall into the bed
and enter into a catatonic state I think the

kids from the Tae Kwon Do group are
above my head so I beat on the ceiling with my shoe,

try a different channel and they talk about the Ebola
so I turn it back to Jimi and I think sometimes

his fingers are like rats chewing on the strings of
his guitar so playful and yet they crawl inside

my brain and I wake up on the other side of
something and I hear a knock on the door

but it isn't  you it is a drunk guy and he is
drooling and lost and says "Hi," and I call downstairs

to complain but Jimi has a bad feeling and I fall
asleep and dream of a white rabbit wearing a 

waistcoat & a pocketwatch he rescued from the Titanic
"Im late," he says "I'm having tea with Lucky Luciano..."

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