Saturday, October 25, 2014

Arif Ahmad & Shanzeh Ahmad- A Poem

You go girl

Look around hard wherever you are
Do you see the circus of the men, by the men, for the men
In all shades of gray
Egocentric, narcissistic men
Where class act is only a handful
And the rest of us just pretend

Dispensable, lesser beings, always second, the inferior sex
Here women are held primarily in a support act
For as and when needed
Though first up in taking our yelling, our beating, our abuse
Women's lib sounds so romanticizing, so glorifying, so neat
For it fails to realize, it struggles to exist

Whichever way you slice it
The pale blue dot remains testosterone laden
Male dominated, male driven
That one girl who may chance to challenge some of this and change some of that
The girl with a facial droop and a reconstructed skull from a bullet that traveled her head
This girl may save us men from us
God willing, Inshallah
You go girl, Malala

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