Monday, September 22, 2014

Yulia Aleynikova- Three Poems

Grope to death

Some men immediately feel they are dogs
as soon as you politely ask them

not to speak. Then like honey when kissing, saliva spills
out of pockets, pores, hips as they demonstrate a few tricks:

first, they run around and think
of groping a woman to death;

second, they examine the fragile body looking for a spot
to be groped to begin with;

third, their wide, as two full moons, eyes
transfix on a woman's butt,

and you know why. Or not, so I'll tell you:
a man would do that to avoid leaking? a woman’s fingertips,

because he doesn't know where they have been
since the moment she got up;

we humans rarely do something we don't know
for sure.

claustrophobic bacteria

steal orgy
machines crammed in a basement
my closest Minsk gym

muscled guy in charge
eyes: two clumsy snails
I ask where the slime spray and wipers are
don't worry about it

too late to worry, 30000 rubles paid
only three dollars
step on the elliptical, touch the holders
I drive my thoughts with no room in between

away with rapid movement of my legs
it's there
the invisible condensed layers of filth
hello bacteria

I'll hook you up with my sleazy army
bye bacteria
there are no bacteria it's all in your mind

dogs licking licking water from the puddle
would have stretched their
sculptured thighs
to face claustrophobia

Who pressures volcano

He tells me
that it hurts
when his efforts:
calling me, texting, sending me pictures
are not
appreciated. When

he tells me that, he is
a thunderstorm in
the dense forests in
the east of Congo, near
rebel-controlled areas, nobody
goes there.

His words flop
into the ten-hundred-metre crack
of the local high shield volcano
that erupts
every three years,
with no effort involved, it
just does. Who makes the lava
burst? nobody
pressures the volcano
to erupt, even the armed groups,
but it's silent now
so am I.

Yulia Aleynikova is a Russian-born author who writes to escape the traps of consciousness. She gets inspired by the human nature and relationships. She is currently living in Vernon, BC. Her work has recently been published in "filling Station magazine" and "Ascent Aspirations Bizarre Anthology".

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  1. I have written poetry with Julia in Vancouver. That was a a few years back. She has gone a long ways since then. Really enjoyable open verse style. \Good luck