Sunday, September 14, 2014

Joseph Donnelly- Three Poems

Gun Ladder

Today 20 kids were shot by a gunman
angry at his mother
Their teacher
He shot them, then shot himself
If I had a nickel for every tear that is shed
I’d buy everyone a therapist
And make a ladder out of all their guns
So we could climb high enough to look down
At a better world

Dorms of Philosophy

In the late nights of dorm hallways
Hunter S Thompson creeping around through the shadows
In and out of consciousness
Water leaked under the bed as we looked up at brown wooden panels
Socrates ate fruit and pondered existence then drank hemlock
He wanted his life back before the government ruined him
I thought I saw him cleaning out the toilet closest to the window
Around midnight we’d pretend that our lives were beginning
Saturday mornings ran sad with low endorphins and burnt lips
Yet we saw the stars
I stood uncomfortably in a circle and made myself feel important
All I wanted was to feel pure
Jihad my senses by creating happier memories
Why do chills climb up your spine and not your stomach?
Even though they start from the mouth
Heliocentrism never proved why we act so stupid
Trying to fit in
But it proved our reality toward astrophysics
There were times when someone would accidentally put on The Sandlot
And I’d weep to myself
Wishing everyone could see how lucky I am to be there
To exist there,
Letting the dialog wash over my body
Trying to remember the days that lasted
Twenty four hours

Pray for the poor

Pray for the poor this holiday season
Pray for them as you eat your dinner
Pray as the night turns cold
Pray because if you all pray together
Combine your positive energy
They won’t die tonight
They’ll die a week later

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