Sunday, September 14, 2014

Melanie Browne- Three Poems

At The Casino

a man comes up
to our table
and plops down
two angel pins & a
note about being
deaf, I know the drill so
we dig
in our wallets
for some money
but the slot machine
ate a lot of it,
I finally find some
and pay him for the
pins and I pin one
of them to my
newly purchased
'sin city' shirt,
an unconscious
mixture of
sin and virtue,
what every
gal needs
in Vegas

One Hundred and Thirty-Five Steps

I can't sleep in the dark,
my son tells me,
i search for a new
lightbulb but i can't
find one so just for
tonight he sleeps with
the overhead light on
and I think about
my dream from the
night before
about how I am driving
James Franco
down the Spanish steps
on my moped,
I am weaving in between
people going this
way and that
way and they
are freaking out
"are you nuts?"
but in Italian,
and James starts crying
"I can't sleep in the
dark," he tells me,
later I check
on my son and the
light is still on
but he is
sound asleep
so I leave
the light on
and contemplate
what the lack of
my shadow against
the wall might mean

Restless Ghost

We snuck a kiss
in the
teacher's lounge
which was just
a bunch of
vending machines
usually filled with
tired teachers,
your hair was combed
into some sort of
sad nuclear pompadour
and the kiss was deadly,
I became sicker than
a flower at chernobyl,
but found out later
it was only mono-
you ignored me
after that,
afraid of catching
the disease again,
I would hear your
boots stomping in
the halls,
a restless ghost with ADD

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