Sunday, September 28, 2014

David S. Pointer- Three Poems

Flameout Academy

Another rapid dog catches paper
plate frisbee-packets inside addict’s
next syringe soon trampling telescopic
nightsticks overwhelmed by desecrated
      under windowsills, under the
star spangled radar, under the
sink holes to nowhere, under
funeral cooling box toking incineration

Nightmare-Mode Service Provider

Slaughterhouse Hells
Angel said employees
tend to burn off under
cover of fake coughs at
three month saturation
period from twisting off
chicken heads, hearts
served up to the meat
masters of commerce,
enumeration vapor not
supporting any roadhouse
habits without parental
or biker babe subsidies
before happy hour-sauce
blackouts lead only to
nauseated time clock pop,
but he’d started killing
humans at 13 and could
handle some more shifts

Obscurity 101

Dragon castration specialists
commanded no annual budget
or surveillance equipment, were
not allowed to speak fumes or fire
into any major cameras, were not
welcome at the village idiot’s house
as he was ever reclined ambassador
of fine leisure lifeline-agenda for
rapid speech, constant head bowing
while impersonating brave face
mass discharged from formulaic
hospital called American high school

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