Monday, September 1, 2014

Ryan Hardgrove- Two Poems

The Good One’s

there’s so much to say
and I don’t know how to say it
or who would listen
or if I want anybody to listen

it all connects somehow
all these thoughts
and this place
and these people
and these words and worlds

it’s way too massive
we don’t stand a chance
and we know this

so we hide

we hide within
each other
and we are safe
the love makes us safe

until the love runs dry
until they dam up your river
and irrigate the rest of the world
with your soul

we can’t win


we can’t lose either

we are already beaten
we lost the day
we were born

but still
we hold it all together
we go on everyday
that tomorrow
brings us one day closer to the end

and we hold it all
up on our shoulders
and straddle
sadness and sickness
and pain and anger

we hold it all together
not for ourselves
but for each other

and when it falls apart
we’ll laugh at the world
we tried
and that’s all
we can do

I’m a Hypocrite, but so are you
But wait
there’s more to say
or so I think every time
I finish a thought
or a cigarette
or an argument
or find myself alone
stuck under a roof
with nobody to talk to
except those four walls
that stare back at me
with the listless gaze
that’s painted onto
the millions of faces
sitting on couches
in living rooms

those four walls
always the same
and you see
it’s these thoughts
that keep erupting
keep breaking out
across my consciousness
like a rash
they revolve around my
like finicky little electrons
waiting for the appropriate stimuli
to excite them
into a chaotic churn of energy
and all those thoughts
circumnavigate my brain-soul
perpetuating this neuro-turbine of cognition

or sometimes
I smoke grass
and eat ice cream on the couch
while watching nature programs
fondling my belly hair
between spoonfuls

and then
there’s not much to say

Ryan Hardgrove is currently wading his way through his late twenties as a sloppy bartender and responsible father.  He is also a writer and a musician, but mostly he is a human being.  He lives in PIttsburgh, Pa with his beautiful common law wife and their son.

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