Friday, September 26, 2014

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 poems


Can I borrow your thorn?
Can I borrow your brown eyes?
I want to use them to pierce
through the sun, through the frozen
Artic ice around your heart.

Could I borrow it to
prick the finger of the loudest
voice I hear in my head?
It is telling me I will never break
on through to green pastures.

Could I borrow the thorn
you have saved for my brittle heart?
I want to use it to crack the code
for the meaning of life.
I want to know if it’s worth saving.


The on-eyed dog
goes on searching
for his home on
three-legs; fixed and
without a tail;
The one-eyed dog
never gives up
hope; abandoned
by the side of
the road in a
shady part of town;
He gets involved
with a two-eye
bitch that was not
worth the trouble.
But he gave it
a chance. The one-
eyed dog searched and
searched until he
could search no more.
Abandoned by
the two-eyed bitch
he was alone
all over again
and it was a
blessing for him.


So are you bumping
into stars; impregnating
them and leaving them
suspended in dark skies?

Have you had your fill
of stardom; no longer
hovering around the
Milky Way and having

fun? Are you grounded
These days? Spending
time out by the beach
and howling at the moon.

You left the stars hanging;
stardust in your hands
like glitter confetti. It's
just the stars tears falling.

It's just the stars hearts
breaking; exploding like
supernovas; detonating
after the latest Big Bang.

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