Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pijush Kanti Deb- Two Poems

 The Tossing of a Coin
A catapult-comprising of two fingers-
representing the acts of my lustful beckoning of eyes
and your passionate crawling down to my unexplored mine
without any valid permit,
tosses a coin up along with its two- sides.
I am engraved in one- side
dancing with some blissful blossoms
and mirthful pea-cocks,
and thrown alone in other side
amid a dreadful desert
standing abandoned, ashamed, injured and confused.
The uprising coin disappears in the sky.

Maybe, it flies up to the Heaven and the Hell as well,
consults for a few moments with the authorities
and starts its inevitable downfall
confirming my fortune of tomorrow
and rushes down towards the ground of reality
where I stand with my three trembling entities-
body, mind and soul
waiting for the unalterable verdict of the coin.

Reflections and Definitions 
My poorness gets different reflections
from different mirrors-
set in the eyes of my nearest and dearest
and hence different definitions are propounded,
conceived by their perceived hearts
and proclaimed  by their open lips.

My father- my earthly creator
defines me as a mistake-
incorrigible during his life-time
and shows his tired back
to the eyes of my dogmatic compulsion.

My dream-girl- the only rose of my thorny garland
repents for choosing me as her only man,
finds a similarity between
falling in my heart and plunging into a dirty ditch
and suffers from a sudden headache
in my passionate presence.

The government- my God father
endures me as an ugly black spot
on the forehead of my motherland,
non -effaceable despite of a series of washing-
plan-wise year after year
and leaves me alone on automatic measure.

My mother- my divine oasis.
bestows my helplessness with the shadow of
inspiration in my burning desert,
considers me with all her sympathy
as a penniless and compelled unemployed
and embraces affectionately me and my hidden tears.

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