Monday, April 14, 2014

Bradford Middleton- Two Poems


A bottle of cheapness is all the goodness I need
Fuck those banana chomping health nuts
Their boring lives would make me want to die
Their existence is futile because
One day we all die

The rivers become full of Cava
And the planet will get drunk
Violence will explode and
Expel all those who have ravaged it

The fat obese fit will go the same way as
Us healthy drunk smokers will because one day
We all die


I'm sick of fucking editors rejecting my words stating simply they are
not what they are looking for
Isn't there more to it than just what you're looking for?
How about something original, unusual or just plain insane
Why do you reject such stories when all you seem to publish is shit?
Boring literary nonsense that leaves me yawning as I reach the end of
the first dull sentence
How about publishing something that grips, taking the reader on a trip
It leaves them hot, wanting a whole lot more
Of glimpses into a life that is beyond their reality
A life they could barely handle yet which they call cliché-ridden in
their denial
My existence is that, nothing more but occasionally a little bit less
When you reject my words it's like you're rejecting my life

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