Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

The Best of Times

in Syria,
the killing continues,
in Malaysia,
people die on planes,
or disappear,
their stories untold,
in Chile,
the earth shifts,
in America,
along with the politics,
the age of man,
teeters on the brink,
the future seemingly to abound,
with either dinosaurs or demons,
the best of times.

Dead Leaves

the dead scattered around the yard,
surly life more than just dead leaves,
raked into piles,
religion contends life more than this,
the beginning and the end,
accepted on faith,
more than just dead leaves,
raked into piles,
technology occupies our time,
and our thoughts,
away from the eternal,
and thoughts of dead leaves,
raked into piles.

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