Friday, April 18, 2014

Dustin D. Pickering- A Poem

Final Fruit

No doubt the rain will
sweep the tall oak in flood,
cover my troubles in blood,
and dig the final fruit from the ground.
I do not let the veneer fool me.
I sink the moon in tame darkness,
and my life grows tall in the weeds.
I do not set my petals on the ground.

But I abort my seeds.
I slip motionless into the haunted wind.
My mind is the tunnel I wander 
without touching the shadows.

Anger fills the gaze of my heart--
I guess the winds are nameless.
Intense are appearances and essences.
However I despair at being aimless.

Floods come from the mouth of human error.
Then I don't know the fossils of my dreams.
I am pale like the stone of fury
and jealous as the witch of fate.

Dustin D. Pickering is founder of Transcendent Zero Press, a Houston-based publishing company. He is editor of the print magazine Harbinger Asylum. He has been published in the Avocet, Blind Vigil Revue, di-verse-city 2013, Writers on the Rio Grande and The Beatest State in the Union (to be published by University of Texas Press), among many others. He was a special guest poet at Austin International Poetry Festival in 2013, and is the author of The Daunting Ephemeral. The Daunting Ephemeral is his first full length poetry collection, and it seeks to explore religion's truths in a godless existence.

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