Friday, April 11, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

green leaf 
so softly sings your beauty
a fae with wings
like a butterfly whose innocence
shines like the sunbeams
bent through the
crimson of your hair and your haunted
eyes know the pain of loves had and lost yet
you continue onward,
leaving the past behind because there
are reasons our eyes face forward
even if sometimes our hearts
don't understand;
you do,
i can see it in the fragility of your smile
your guarded emotions 
it is hard for you to let people in,
yet you do
because without them you would wither
like a root,
and you wish to flourish like a green leaf.

looking forward 
you were lost in the pale
of his moonlight
sweet faerie
with your wings of white
yet you still found
the magic of today let it embrace
you to smile again,
and sometimes i wish i were
so strong to let it go as you have;
but memories 
have always lingered forever
in my mind
the wind whispers me secrets of 
old and new
creaking beneath the tulips
singing in the song of the oldest birds
pounding beneath the hooves
of doe and fawn,
and sometimes even buck;
yet no one's given me wisdom quite like yours
or an embrace of kindness so firm
i will take your advice
because as you so aptly said we must look
forward for looking backward always
makes us clumsy little fools
unable to escape things we cannot change.

teach me your secrets
your pale blue necklace
matches the sky blue of your eyes
so vibrant and beautiful
your white wings wrap you like an
angel, but you smile bitterly at
that analogy insist you're not quite that
innocent; but you try to be good
dear fae, teach me the magic
of tomorrow so that i might flit with the
butterflies of today, and let my
worries melt away in the sun as you do;
i wanted too much to fit in when i
was born to stand out,
and now that i've taken my place people aim
their arrows like artemis the archer;
i know not how to feel except this anger whose
fuse has long been lit
my passion has always burned bright
teach me how to regain my 
patience that's waning,
grow me like a flower blooms and never
let me wilt because i have already
rose once from my ashes
i don't know how many times i can rise again.

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