Saturday, February 1, 2014

R. Gerry Fabian- Three Poems

Plain Folks

It blows across the Arizona desert
like freedom from the speech
of a conservative Congressman.
The hot winds carry it
into Mary Sue’s Diner
where ranch hands and truckers
swallow it in bitter coffee.
The sun bakes it
into the stains on the jeans
of Mary Sue’s boy
who wrestles at recess.
Her husband half-listens
as the television
reports on its effect
but everyone laughs
when Mary Sue smiles
and the glow from her teeth
shines in the dark.

Alternate Routes

He knew nothing of love
and so he approached it
in a crowded subway manner.
He reached and lurched
and made silly phrases
about the weather.
Love was the last stop
on his line.
He always got off alone.

On a monthly basis,
he bought love’s tokens
and deposited them
in cold, steel slot boxes
that took him only so far.

During the transit strike,
he was force to find
someone who knew side streets
and short cuts.
She took him places
that he’d never been before
and they always
arrived home safely.

Minor Emergencies

like poison ivy itch,
a bee sting,
sun burn,
your temper
tantrums -
all require
a soothing
alcohol wipe.

Brief bio - R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor and editor of Raw Dog Press. New web page address.  He has published in various little and literary magazines since 1970.  He is currently working on a set of new poetry.

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