Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leilanie Stewart- Three Poems

Free of free radicals

When you put
zinc oxide on
it’s thick and chalky
so it sits on your skin
as a layer,
not becoming absorbed
into your body

This is the kind
of symbiotic relationship
that we, as humans have
with our food
and with the weather

Some kinds of pets
make mutual companions
without drawing out
more from you
than you gain from them

At all costs
you must avoid
the psychic vampires-
charms will not ward them off,
cream will not be a barrier,
but rather a lubricant
protecting your skin
from friction,
making sure
you don’t get blisters

Exasperated, but not fooled

Would you tell me if
you had ringworm?
You were bipolar?
Of course not-
there’s a stigma attached

Some things are taboo
Some things maybe not

Or so the ad above
on the train would suggest

Can you believe
this is the way of the world?

I should’ve been a copywriter…


There are
a hundred
million, zillion droplets
of uncertainty, waiting,
to splatter you,
wanting their chance to fall

One by one
they drip,
like stalactites
forming a question mark
in the cave of hope

If you wait around
for the stalactites
and stalagmites to join
you will watch and witness
certain doom fuse
in the darkness

This is the best time
to go spelunking
taking your life in your hands
as you tackle every chasm
with all you have left;


is no badge of honour,
it’s a curtain of denial
shielding you from the truth-


Leilanie Stewart is a writer, poet and artist. She's one half of a writing couple along with poet and author, Joseph Robert. Her work has appeared in over thirty lit mags in the UK and US. She currently lives in London. Leilanie blogs at

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