Saturday, February 8, 2014

Brittany Zedalis- Three Poems


Once there was him
His eyes were the milky way
Her youth captured his attention
Conversations persisting till dawn...

The sun rose high 
On what was thought to be
An epochal moment, but
Four times was the Earth's orbit...

Inarticulate were the words
Soundless the screams
Transcendent to heartbreak
Surpassing Orpheus' tears..

Shadows followed her
Lurking behind every 
Shining and lying eye
Violation of the body and soul..

Hades was sure to call
Dragging down her pure anima
Brought back to life 
Revived by a modern Hercules..

Luminous eyes of angelic
Comparison, every laceration
Mended by his curative hands
The true epochal moment..

She no longer recalled
Milky eyes or deceptive
Words, her affection awakened
An oath of eternal devotion taken.

Broken Chains

Ropes wrapped around our wrists
Trying to pull us down beneath the sky
Suffocating in the smoke of  yesterday
Your eyes lit up with fierce determination

You pulled the ropes and screamed for me
The dirt went flying when you broke loose
Meanwhile my aspiration of being free was lost
Walking alongside you, nothing but imagination

I felt the weight of your hand in mine
As you pulled me right into your arms
My chains broken, my hope restored
Your lips found their destination at last

Darkened skies above our heads
Did not cause our steady footsteps to falter
Our relentless stride never ending
Emerging from their iron fists

A Mother's Love

Standing in front of this memorable home,
white, chilling flakes touching my skin,
I feel your touch as though you're the one
sending it to me.

I hear your voice once again, I feel
your arms wrap around me as the wind
gusts do, and I see your eyes when 
I close mine.

I see you building a square snowman
when we lived up north, and us sliding
in our socks on the hardwood floors, that
freezing cold day.

I close my eyes again, and your love
warms the deepest parts of my soul, they
say a mother's love never ends, and yours
lasts for eternity.

Brittany Zedalis is a 21 year old college senior who is studying to be an elementary teacher. She has been writing poetry since middle school, and it is, in essence, her getaway. She plans to publish a book of poems one day, and runs her own photography business called Zedalis Photography.


  1. I read your last set of poems on here, as well as these ones, and I really admire how you can write about love and the niceties of life, something I find much harder to do.
    However, I really wish you would express more range, and write darker, but that's just me.

  2. I've written a few darker ones, but I don't like them as much, haha. Thank you, though! :D