Friday, February 28, 2014

Pijush Kanti Deb- A Poem

Addiction---A Disease

Drugs and witches stand side by side
and hand in hand,
project a girdle of illusion
around them with glittering
and charismatic waves of amusements-
luxurious and intoxicated,
enchant the poor half -bloomed youths
to enter the girdle floating on the waves
and get lost and diverted from the origin.

Mr. Alas--maybe, a famous film artist
and Miss Lucky---maybe, a young and pretty pop-star
found themselves circumscribed
with the web of ensnaring drugs and alcohol,
got addicted to these sweet poisons.
Quite unlucky was poor Alas,
couldn't digest the hard affection of drugs,
couldn't tear the web up to sneak away
and couldn't warn the world against it
as he was sucked to death
by the tentacles of devilish drugs
and left alone mercilessly in his apartment.

Miss Lucky was well-fated-
could look behind in right time,
could avail a proper treatment
and could sneak down to the origin
to warn the world against the mesmerizing poison.
She is an open pen now to write,
''Drugs is not cute, cool or admirable'',
and '' Addiction is a disease'',
a benevolent too in appealing to mankind-
an awareness is ought to be raised
against the fatal drug-disease,
an appropriate treatment be made universal
for the victims to bring them back
from illusive fantasy to truthful reality.

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