Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brittany Zedalis- A Poem

Curtain of Stars

my footsteps echo through the cavern,
the ice shines and sparkles, my
breath condenses into white mist, while
I slowly emerge from darkness,
thrown into a vortex of lights and shooting stars,
alone, but not completely, for the sky
itself is a companion, with billions of luminous spheres
and unforeseen worlds, blink and you might
miss it, it is here I'm reminded of
the immensity that is our world, here
in this frozen wasteland, gazing up at
the curtain of stars

Brittany Zedalis is a 21 year old college senior who is studying to be an elementary teacher. She has been writing poetry since middle school, and it is, in essence, her getaway. She plans to publish a book of poems one day, and runs her own photography business called Zedalis Photography.

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