Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kim Bonaventure- Two Poems


The energy flows in many
directions with certain purpose
following diverse paths

The reeds changing direction
in the wind brought forth
by an everlasting hope

Perhaps happiness or some
laughter overheard in the distance

The bright sunlight beckons
to the skin of glistening sorrow

A need to reach out and be felt
or even heard -- again -- in a
different direction with perhaps
another purpose

But always a climax
to the same end.

"Cold Night's Harbor"

The soul takes its
signal from the
heart within as

passion pulses forward
so quickly


the heart brings
forth feelings
and emotions

So choked up
that expression is
now impossible

and masked behind a
veiled eminence which

wants to shout with
vibrancy and pitch
but falls silent

upon calloused ears


the sound is


Keeping a Bio brief -- here it goes. I have been writer my entire life -- for as long as I can remember. I think it began when I was in grammar school, and the only thing that kept me from the insanity brought on by the boredom of my teachers droning on was my ability to disappear into the world my imaginative mind would create. Often, I'd scribble what I was thinking, and more often than not, that scribble would be torn up by the teacher, with a punishment dished out in the form of a writing assignment. Joke was on them -- they were merely helping me hone my craft! Hah!

My life on planet Earth started out in The Bronx, 53 years ago. I grew up in good old Yonkers, NY and survived 13 years of Catholic school. I now reside in Fairfield County, CT with my hubby and soul mate of 24 years, our yellow Labrador, and the ultimate joy of our lives, our 19-year-old son, who is currently living in our nation's capital where he is honing his craft as a musician.

I am, indeed, a published writer of over 30 freelance articles and too many poems to count. I did, in fact, overcome my experiences in Catholic school and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Pace University (NYC) where I was the proud and honored recipient of the 1985 Sara Willis Writing Award and the 1985 recipient of the English Departmental Award for Academic and Creative Excellence. But most importantly, I was gifted wonderful educators, my professors, who taught me how to write, how to learn, and how to live -- true to myself.

So here I am at 53 -- and when I'm not taking walks with my hubby, listening to my son's latest songs, tending to my home, or reading a great book, I'm still writing and still looking to share my thoughts and words with others -- if not simply to express myself but to share my experiences and make someone's life a bit more enriched or comforted.

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