Monday, May 9, 2016

Saira Viola- A Poem

Saira Viola is a critically acclaimed writer, poet, satirist, song lyricist and creator of literary technique sonic scatterscript - much of her work is infused with social commentary, and philosophical arcs. Her work has featured in among other zines and presses: Push, Crabfat, International Times, Dissident Voice, Artvilla, Poetry Times, The Cannon Mouth, The Kitchen Poet, Clockwise Cat, and longsword press.  

Get Up Offa That Thing!
Tittle tattle
tabloids hit 
porking baby sitters
big dick pics
rolling sleaze
on a plasma screen
penny stocks
rock dollar dreams
start up tech bubble
bursts at the seams
scandal sheets
sell motor adds
insurance scams
and pension plans
film stars fight to be recognised
racist wars in black and white
good cop bad cop
on equal pay
ballers pitching
easy prey
Kierkegaard speaks through
gifs and memes
new society ‘too bored to read,’
trippin’ on a trivia stream
fleecing beggars and refugees
snake eyes scoring for easy lays
virgin flowers ready to slay
high five jives
and lying lips
back room trades
and lawyer’s tricks
squillionaires steal workers’ lives,
yachting under Caribbean skies
stash their cash
under panama hats
leaving hopes and dreams
in the welfare line,
surfing sofas – no place
to stay
join the army
for regular pay,
waging wars
for crooked means,
sharing bite sized scraps   
with rats and fleas,
deathly shadows
on the wall
money succubus blows  
you raw
fill your mouth with
crossing  tongues
hymn of truth
still unsung.


  1. Excellent rhythm. Love this piece.

  2. There's so much to like , pace, imagery , originality , imaginative use of language : " money succubus blows you raw," is a startling use of word play