Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Definition of the True

truth no longer exists,
if in fact it ever did,
truth only a majority held belief,
events and data,
tinted and colored,
by the majority view,
truth ultimately possessed by the individual,
seen through a billion eyes,
unique to the strong,
by shared and soften for the weak,
and the spineless.

a cellphone world,
to record the lies,
video tape,
decades old,
the media secure in the peoples' ignorance,
complicit in fact,
run the tape,
and weave the story,
for simpleton eyes,
and minds,
a playground mentality,
tattle tales,
tit for tat,
pets killed to prove a point,
pictures and sound generated,
to trap the outspoken,
and the brave,
intimidating the masses,
a playground bully,
keeping mouths shut,
and eyes averted,
fifth graders,
reading at grade level.

morality not about which bathroom you piss in,
or whether you stand or sit,
belief in an essential structure,
acknowledging good and evil,
both do exist,
neutrality an option,
though amoral,
a position without merit.

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