Sunday, May 29, 2016

Robert Cooperman- A Poem

Trump Drops the Big One

Here, Ivanka, read me the bomb codes.
Five more minutes and those bastards
will be vaporized, their whole damn,
prissy country will be a burning scab:  
no way they’ll be able to call my policies,

“The ravings of an imbecile.”

I’m the freaking leader of the free world,  
Commander-in-Chief of the greatest nation
in history.  You screw with me, you screw
with my whole country that I’ve made great again.

Just ask my fans in Oklahoma, Texas,
Mississippi, Arizona, and any other states
there are that I can’t remember the names of,
with more important stuff to think about right now.

Okay, are we ready?  So all I gotta do
is press this little button and that’s it?
Okay, here goes.   Wow, even better than sex!  
So much for the losers that spawned Shakespeare.  

Anyone else got any complaints?

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