Monday, May 9, 2016

Gale Acuff- A Poem


One say, when I die, I'm going to see
God if it's the last thing I do, I guess
it will be, up in Heaven, if I rate,
and even if I don't I'll get to see
Him if only for a moment, just long
enough for Him to judge my immortal
soul and either send me down to Hell or
let me hang around in Heaven. That's life
or the end of it, Miss Hooker says, she's
my Sunday School teacher and wouldn't tell
me no lies since she'd go to hell herself.
But I'd like to go wherever she goes,
Heaven or Hell, because I love her and

can't live without her even if I'm dead,
and forget that she's 25 to my
10, there's no age in Heaven, I expect
that everyone's at their best age and ours
will be 18, about halfway between
10 and 25 now. There's no marriage
in Heaven, Miss Hooker says the Bible
says--even if she's dating someone up
there I won't feel guilty about breaking
them up, what else could Heaven be for? But
if I wake up dead in Hell the first thing
I'll ask is if Miss Hooker's there, after
all, nothing's perfect, even perfection
or we wouldn't even talk about it.
I guess that's why I don't talk more in class.


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