Thursday, May 5, 2016

N.Blood- Three Poems

Drawing from experience playing in dirty punk band around Sydney, DIY travels across Europe and Asia (including living in a homeless shelter and squatting in a derelict office building), adventures into the Himalayan mountains and the Sahara Desert, and ongoing escapades; N.Blood is arranging and rearranging words for your pleasure. 
N.Blood is Poet, Flash Fictionist, Neo-journalist and a twisted form of modern essayist.

-Strangler Vine

Seeds of the soul
Into poisonous vines 
that strangle 
and eat much more than simply flesh.
Let them have and kill, 
those vines wild 
Imageless Beauty
Let them outgrown 
Let them be glory
And demise 
These Vines Are Dreams forever


I consume death itself
Bitter colours of lurid hope
Spewing shock
Breathtaking despair and your beauty
It swerves
Desperate and aimless behind closed eyes 
across my face
Your lips are in my ears
Scratching passionate opaqueness before sunrise.


The Mosquitos 
are everywhere, 
flesh-fiending bastards 
Suited with black pinstripe Hugo or Cardin
Knockoffs mostly, 
From Bali or Bangkok.
They can smell 
your blood
it gets them hard

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