Thursday, May 5, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


the people's choice,
their voices unheard,
and ignored,
for so long,
until the anger rose,
and they demanded a champ,
the choice,
and champion,
of the ruling elite,
born and bred into politics,
annointed by the powers that be,
to rule the country,
for the van guard of the nation,
whose champion best suited to rule the realm,
the battle begun,
the nation holds it breath.

A Question of Philosophy

to a democrat,
the people,
and the government,
mean the very same thing,
to the republican,
the two,
the most bitter of enemies,
until this question solved,
chaos shall rule,
the question,
one of philosophy.

Liberty Tree

a socialist,
a parasite,
attached to the tree of liberty,
feeling others' pain,
while sucking the nectar,
at the government teat,
Bernie wonders,
"why can't everyone be a parasite,
a socialist like me,
problems would be solved,"
until too many parasites,
finally kill,
the tree of Liberty.

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