Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lorri Primavera- A Poem

Bio: endless adventuring heart - hold it. Hold it some, but don't squeeze it too much.

The Past, Future and Script-writing

I’m not even sure what I’m doing half of the time anymore
Cleaning the same toilets
Reading the same paragraphs over and over and…over and
Spilling the same bag of sunflower seeds and using the same achy up noise and vacuum to clean it up
And to be mindful?
I can be mindful during these mundane, tedious, life sucking hours
It’s all Zen work
And at work
-where the effects of mass produced life have taken hold of the smallest towns and poisoned
our citizens water with greed growing seeds -I think they’ve even poisoned the spring water

I go in for my morning egg and cheese croissant
It may be 4pm but I have a right to call my first meal of the day breakfast
There’s a special on milkshakes today
Thin mint type only 1.99 extra
As if I don’t feel guilty enough
-Raised Catholic
I’ll take it you bastard
I’m in the ground up bits of life at the bottom of the cup
I’m worn down and tattered enough to eat poorly today
I ended up drinking a half of it only
99 cents worth

Dragging into the warehouse
I can see a desk full of happy customers just waiting to start sucking the minutes and hours of life away from me
What I involve myself in for survival

I’m one lucky bastard, I know
Who I have to become and fuckin’ luckin’ crybaby bitching and I know
Everyone has to put up and shut up in America

Don’t speak- you treasonist pig
And you’re never taught or encouraged to spend your time wisely or happily first off and foremost

Wisely is happily Are you happy? ARE YOU?
Salesperson M: Can I help you find anything?
Customer L: Uhm…my husband baw! haw haw!
Salesperson M: Yes, well…
I get to the end of the night and I feel while I’m here I get some Zen work in
Do my mindfulness sweep of the floors with the big crazy Muppet hair broom

Back in my bed
Back up slowly groggy coffee
Things and stuff and general distractions
Back to the toilets and the attempted meditation
In the chair by the woods and past, future and script-writing
I’m not even sure what I’m doing half of the time anymore

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