Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

don't need a prince 
broke my glass slippers
because i need no 
i am my own hero
saving myself time and time again,
and they tell you that a woman
but they're liars
one day i hope to have a romance shining
bright but now i will content myself
in my successes and of dreams
becoming reality
don't need anything more than this euphoria
of being bare foot and by the sea
my long hair blowing in my eyes
the taste of salt and brine
dancing against 
my tongue
as crabs scuttle across the sand and secrets of
old and new wash up upon the shore
with the shells.

the only me 
they pity me
when they see 
my bleeding toes,
but what they don't realize is
that i've broken glass
slippers and shattered the realms 
of conformity and normalcy
ventured out into the realms of my heart,
and i'm making my dreams come
all they want for me is marriage and children
while those things would be nice
my independence is my gift right now and
i am making dreams wash upon my shore a reality
so i'll focus on the things that make me
sing songs to the ancient moon
for she is my mother and forever i will shine
just like her
with or without a hand to hold
i am complete and i am magnificent and beautifully me
my super power being that i am me and the only
one in the universe.

they're the ones to pity, not me 
they must think i'm some ghost
all these moments
spent alone
are treasured because there are times
you must face the world
on your own
there won't always be someone there
to catch you unless you are
able to catch yourself,
and so i break their glass ceilings with my
angry fists and bleeding soul
because one day these dreams will be realities
leaving room for new dreams;
they seem to pity me
when they see me by my lonesome,
but i pity them for not embracing their individuality
and gifts and insisting upon being the same
boring shade as everyone else they

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