Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Joseph K. Wells- A Poem

Bio: Joseph K. Wells is a businessman, doctor of occupational therapy, part-time professor and few wannabes from time to time. With his poetry forgotten over two decades, he rekindled the old flame a few months ago. He blames this on his midlife. Since the beginning of this year, his poems have found a home in more than six literary journals/ e-zines.


Time and again I tried to crawl
the steep wall of my hole.
The higher I climbed the deeper I fell
into the abyss of my soul.

Silence has now conquered
the giant mountains I yelled.
Void has now filled in all
that I once so dearly held.

In light I had hoped to someday play.
Alas, darkness pinned me to the floor.
I neither wish nor do I care
to get up any more…