Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Irsa Ruci- Three Poems

Clubs of writers drunk in delirium
Idiots who write two lines
Tied with rhyme and meaningless
Deceived by their own mind
Fly up in the sky, thinking that they will never die…
“Writers clubs”… Ha ha ha
I want to laugh and grief when I think
What it is discussed in these ‘clubs’
For sure they work with ‘muses’
Who fraught in a jar,
Like magpies in delirious minds
While waiting eternity
And fuddle with mediocre rhymes.
I feel I have gone mad in words,
But don’t think me for a fool!
It just infuriates me when I hear that there are people
Who can’t barely put two words together
Show off by their idea of having the title ‘poet’:
It makes me declare myself a saint!
Please, hold my imagination
It go on being reckless
Don’t let me plunge in this vermin of creativity!
Furthermore, I forbid you to call me a poet
Don’t dare say that word
As long as I am alive!
After death you can offer console for a moment:
“May her lines live eternally”.
I shall get drunk in ‘poets clubs’ them,
For once I’ll drink the supercilious pride of my lines!
© Irsa Ruçi    (Translated by Silva Daci)
People are not split by time they learn to accept themselves
(To love your own being is still the toughest task)
They are split by love, without love
Break – ups wouldn’t make sense.
This world do not lack those who left in eternity
But those who diverged in indifference,
While I stare at the sun in the some borne corner
Tread on the some land everyday
Same small talk between friends
…and live in two different words.
Absence is a moment of sunset
With the same ritual repeating till
Where the other’s shadow dies!
… And you start building your own shadow
To have it by your side in the feeble moments.
Everything is temporary in this life
Where often one is lazy to be oneself.
© Irsa Ruçi    (Translated by Silva Daci)
(* I. First published in Metaphor Magazine Issue 5)

How I could have known?
How could I have known 
That you created love out of dreams
Which belonged to the birds’ nests up in the infinite skies?
You brought spring with your eyes, with your breath you bloom the trees
Your words were manly silence
While prayers for life explode like a volcano in the heart
From which feelings are conveyed like songs
In that ritual of angels where eloquency was held with sights.
You kept love like the mornings the light, with your soul’s sun you
Warmed my lines
You turned my rhymes into storms, metaphors build dialogues
Like the look in your eye betrayed from the flowers
Poets betrayed between the stanzas!  
The man’s heart is measured with the frailty of his child
His weakness, inspiration in the insemination of the women
While he find strength in himself
Deeply in him, where all his beloved are made in one
The son of a mother
The brother of a sister
The husband of a wife
The father of a daughter
The grandfa of a niece
… and life repeating itself all over again.
How could I have known
That you love was god-like divinity?
© Irsa Ruçi    (Translated by Silva Daci)
(* I. First published in A New Ulster, May Issue)

Irsa Ruçi is an Albanian Writer, Speechwriter and Lecturer. She was born in Tirana (Albania), in 1990. Her books of poetry include Trokas mbi ajër (poems and essays), 2008 and Pështjellim (poetry), 2010. She has been published in anthologies: Antologji, 2007; I kërkoj agimit vesën, 2008; Antologji poetike “Kushtuar dashurisë”, 2014; Antologji poetike “Udha”, 2014; Antologji poetike, 2014; “Malli dhe brenga nga distancat”, 2014; Antologji poetike “Qyteti”, 2014; Poeteca, 2015; and her works has appeared in a number of print and online national and international magazines, including Sling Magazine, Issue 5; Ann Arbor Review, Issue 15; Poeteca Magazine, Issue 35; Aquillrelle Anthology, 2015; Aquillrelle Anthology, 2016; Metaphor Magazine Issue 5; The Commonline Journal, Issue 4/22; A New Ulster poetry Anthology, april 2016; Best Poems Encyclopedia; Issuu April 2016; In Between Hangovers, May 2016; BLUEPEPPER, May 2016; Duane's PoeTree, May 2016; CREATIVE TALENTS UNLEASHED, 8 May 2016; Whispers..., May, 2016 etc. And Among many awards, she has received the first prize in poetry, in competition "Anthology 2007", as the best poet in Albania.

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