Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sudeep Adhikari- Two Poems

Sudeep Adhikari
Kathmandu, Nepal 

Tree is a fractalscape

A shape of silence stands green
on the skeletal wood-bones
and the other day, it wept
the entire sky, criss-crossed clouds  
and her thunderous
lightening gloom.

A tree is the shortest distance
between two infinities,
she is not a straight line.
Above and beneath, ether and soil
a songster tree, sweetly conjures
the ancient alchemy
of "coniunctio Oppositorium".

a deathless God, resides in a finite flesh 
fractal conjoined.

River of Fire-Molecules

A lucent ember, flickers and shivers
breathes my soul with the flair
 of a newlywed
gossamer of amour
rosy pearls.

All the shapes of fire you craft
disconcerting array of dazzles
weaves the astral trance
of a sleeping witch
beams the dreams of
an amnesiac enchantress.

Dear, I am your forgotten dream 
a lost treatise of a medieval alchemist
who died in a vineyard
ecstatic and drunk
like a punk.

You, my protean deity 
spark of all  my quasars and pulsars 
you are the lonely one
singular and naked
and I am your god, without a shrine
everytime you dance
on my elegies on thoughts .

You are, what I say you are not
you are not, what I say you are
 the revelry of all wines
cocktailed buzz
an algorithm to
all of my cosmic codes.

A supreme absence, you 
how you erase your own self
to live a life, deathless;
A deconstructing void
a self-effacing eraser
dearest you
of my madnesses. 

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