Monday, March 14, 2016

Robert Demaree- Haiku Musings


At a recent program for seniors, we were advised to keep a journal. So I have embarked on a plan to write a haiku or senyru each day for a year. By December 31, I should have 1,098 lines and 6,222 syllables.

North Carolina

Moravian graves
Spread out even, on the ground:
All equal in death.

Downtown Burlington
Quiet, pleasant mid-morning:
Lots of empty stores.

Warm morning, mid-March:
Scraggly forsythia blooms,
Flowering fruit trees.

Mild Impairments

Dementia lecture:
Levels of cognitive loss,
Memories of my dad.

In my older years
I get more like my father:
Make silly noises.

Can’t call his name.
I don a vague mask that says
I know I know you.


Unfamiliar hymns:
A memorial service
Where we did not pray.

Grandchildren at church:
Douglas plays the violin,
Brooke serves communion.

Robert Demaree is the author of three book-length collections, including After Labor Day (2014) published by Beech River Books. He presents poetry readings, seminars and workshops in North Carolina (October through June) and New England (June through October). Next programs: Twin Lakes Poetry Festival, Burlington, N.C., May 4 and 11; Effingham Library Poetry Seminar, Effingham, N.H., June 25

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