Thursday, March 17, 2016

Robert Cooperman- A Poem

Trump Goes on the Attack: a Campaign Rally

That’s it, hold that greasy Mexican coward,
yelling I’m a bigot.  Hold still, spic,
this’ll hurt you a lot more than it will me.

What, can’t take a punch?  Cry like a baby
from a kick to your itty bitty wee-wee?
Don’t like my wingtips stomping your head?

What, you can’t get up?  Can’t take it, can you?
Just dish out insults to a hero who can buy
and sell you a billion times over, every day.

Hey, how’s that for a left-right combo?
Would’ve made Ali proud, though he’s a Muslim
so naturally he hates everything America

stands for; first thing I do is deport his sorry ass
back to Africa.  Damn, this thug puked and bled all over
my custom-made shirt.  Go through his pockets,

gimme his wallet, he’s gonna pay for this.
Now hoist him into that alleyway Dumpster.
Thanks for the applause, folks, just doing my patriotic duty.

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