Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Robert Cooperman- A Poem

The Donald Confronts Pope Francis

“You’re a loser!  What top
of the line women have you bagged?
And look at your pansy get-up;
how can people take you seriously
if you’re flouncing around in a nightgown?

“And what’s with all this praying?
You want things done, get your hands dirty,
make deals, use leverage.
If it was me talking to the Big Guy,
I’d tell Him I’m taking my business elsewhere
and watch Him sweat and stammer
over losing such an important client.

“I do deals with Russia, with China,
and no one ever gets the better of me;
always a winner, the other guys
my patsies; and the sweetest part,
it takes them a while to figure out
they’ve been fleeced.

“So shut up, little man, with your pathetic
attempt at a Don Corleone accent.
I’ll deport your ass back to Argentina
or Rome, or wherever the hell you live,
you illegal immigrant; and who knows
what drugs and guns you’re hiding
under that girlie gown.

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