Thursday, March 3, 2016

Heather Gelb- A Poem

Flying Monkeys

I was born in the year of the Monkey.
That is what the Chinese zodiac tells me.
And I do jump eagerly
From tree to tree, in search
Of bananas to satisfy that something deeper than
Momentary gratification.
I climb to the top of creativity and observe
The gardens  below unfolding, blooming.
I run towards the East
Wearing white and blue and
Chattering at predators who
Dare to rewrite my history.
And I fly on the fuel of curiosity,
Out of range from the pull
OF apathetic black holes.
Even monkeys can fly on noble missions,
Independently  minded with
No ties to green-faced witches or
Wizards plump with ulterior motives.
Invite a flying monkey like me to cookies and tea.
With a generous spoonful of empathy.
Open your preconceived box and
           I just  may surprise you.

Brief Bio: I often feel like a gazelle as I leap from hilltop to hilltop.
On one of these hills I recently published my memoir, my spiritual  journey from the hills of one land to another: 
One of my poems based on this book was  featured in the fall edition of Poetica Magazine.
I have also published stories and poetry in other various publications like Pyrokinection, Green Panda Press, Deronda Review, Jellyfish Whispers, Stepping Stones, IJN and Esra Magazine

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  1. Heather explores then captures our imaginative paradigms
    in a non formulaic way.