Friday, March 18, 2016

Francis Annagu- A Poem


The dead

Night is come spooking

Through the lungs of

Fissured souls trammeled

Up to the popcorn limbs.

We waited awed as

Sun beats upon

Night of darker things.

The children play drums

Summoning unborn spirits

And ghosts who in flower

Spent up their blood of age.

Alas! Our gaze is naked,

Is broken in the frail sun.

And purblind we drop upon

The Locusts licking up our

Bones and voices

We pull you night

From the skeletal grave

To shroud over us

From the bats and bees.

Francis Annagu have been published in Galway Review, Ayiba Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Potomac Review, Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Commonline Journal, Sunflower Collective, WRR, Lunaris Review, Novel Afrique, ThePoetsCommunity, PIN and Black Pride Magazine. 

He lives in Kaduna, Nigeria.

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