Thursday, March 17, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Will the 'Real' Robin Hood, Please Stand Up

Bernie Sanders at very first glance,
seems to be a Robin Hood,
of the twenty first century,
taking from the rich,
and giving to the poor,
but look deeper friends,
Robin Hood,
fought against taxes,
and for freedom of the individual,
a son of a rich landowner,
who understood men must be free,
Bernie only a double agent,
in this century of intrigue,
the true Robin Hood of this day and age,
fighting government,
and the establishment elite,
but Robin Hood a failure,
in either case,
though the folklore runs deep,
the peasants always peasants,
temporary the justice,
temporary the relief,
regardless of the rebellion,
regardless of the gain,
in the end,
the sheriffs of Nottingham,
will always rule the day.

The Patriot

Cruz the patriot,
maligned and misunderstood,
too pure his motives,
too rigid his beliefs,
ironic he labeled a liar,
by those with more flexible views,
the world no longer rigid,
morality no longer defined,
by or for the individual,
now the land of the communal,
swamping the individual,
the patriot,
and his rights,
and his beliefs.

Campaign Finance

democratic senators complain of money in politics,
people in their opinion,
sheep easily swayed,
easily played,
the people disagree,
supporting a billionaire,
beholding to no one,
or their money.

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