Monday, March 7, 2016

Cattail Jester- Three Poems

In Other Words

I got up this morning
and dressed in someone
else's words.
The collar was much too
tight and I kept switching
to my old suit.
But the effect was immediate.
Cheers rained down,
babies wept joy,
and beautiful ladies came
running.  Then they noticed
the threads tucked
underneath and it was all
down hill.


They walk by
me, tucked up in 
my ball of uncertainty,
and pass judgment.
Dropping coins.
They act as if they
are so far from 
where I am.  They
could never be
brought low.  Not so.
This sidewalk is for

If That's Not Nice

Now, if that's not
nice.  The neighbors
are looking for 
a wounded bird
in my bushes.  Trampling
my carefully planted
flowers.  What the hell
will they even do with it?
Take it to a wounded
bird shelter?  Crush its
broken form further
in their chubby hands?
They run away when
I walk to the window, as
if I do not know they 
are there.

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  1. I especially liked In Other Words. Your own words
    will always do!!