Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wanda Morrow Clevenger- Three Poems

room number

when I asked you
why you didn’t take
my call, you said
you don’t like
phone calls, I know
that about you,
you said

I know, I said
I just want to hear
your voice

this isn’t my
you said

horror story

when the twilight
sleep ebbed
held fast to a slab
in Frankenstein’s
laboratory of
alarming reason,
I silently swore
to never write
of the horror

the gut tube
that looked like
a botched sex-change

heavy laid lull

in the jet lull
the rippled jet
the one mississippi
two tick
a boulder
laid chest deep
knows nothing
of the strangled

the soul asks
only for heavy
laid lull
and mississippi
tick jet

Wanda Morrow Clevenger is a Carlinville, Illinois, native soon to become a Kansas residence.  She has published over 300 pieces of work in 121 print and electronic publications. Her debut book This Same Small Town in Each of Us released in 2011 (Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House).  A full-length poetry manuscript is currently seeking representation. 

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