Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

just like that 
like a stranger
judge me with unknowing eyes
i'll hit you with a kamikaze 
until you know all the misery 
of burning
these wings can be such 
a burden to 
and i wish i could say it's all glamorous but
the cynic in me says no
nothing is ever
as it seems;
sometimes i want excitement so badly
i break my own 
simply to feel something called
because reality is bitter
makes my body shiver to remember
things as they really were
life hasn't
always been good to me—
i've carried
bones that weren't mine to be carried
was betrayed by people who
insisted they'd always
be there
have been spit in the face by people
who claimed to be my friends,
and have had family members trying to rip my dreams
from every gaping wound in my heart;
i have failed and i have fallen,
but more importantly
i have always gotten back up
forever i shall
stand taller than the trees
rooted in the grace and mercy that i can and will 
make all my dreams come true.

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