Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ramona Thompson- A Poem

 Venomous and Cruel

Sometimes I just can't believe
How low down and dirty
You can get
Hiding in the tall, tall grass
Behind the face of a friend
I'm never right
Just always
Wrong, wrong, wrong
In your eyes
A failure forever more

I try
I stumble than and cry
Never good enough for you
Inside I scream
Outward in fear
I remain cold
Horrified and frozen
At the thought of what you would do
If you only knew
Just how much
I've come to hate more then love you

Were we friends once?
I've ceased to remember
A time we weren't secret enemies
Chained to our anger
Regrets of the past
I haunt you
You haunt me
It's just all part of this never-ending game
We play

You watch
My every single move
For the eager fault that you seek
To fulfill your day
Twisted and sick
Yet you say
You love me
Be it in your own bizarre way
And so one more time I let it go
Praying soon you'll change
Knowing deep down
You never will

For this is at last
The mask dropped away
The fiend they all warned me about
So many years ago
In all your gruesome glory and more
My friend
My love
My most hated for
Venomous and cruel
I'd wish you to die
If only I didn't hunger so much
For our love to live

2015 Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more than 20 years. Her past and current credits include Dead Snakes, Infernal Ink, Blood Moon Rising, Howl, Calvary Cross and many more.

Readers/fans may reach her on facebook or via her e-mail


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