Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

don't play with fire 
you want to play with fire?
it's a good way to
get burned,
but taste my fury if you're
so inclined;
don't say i didn't warn you
you always laughed
when i warned you i had a temper—
you said anything to make
me stay,
but now i'll say anything
so you don't return;
don't need another exorcist 
the first was painful
you were just a name and a face
i had to lose
just another bridge to burn
while i was still standing on it because i
had to show you i was serious
about goodbye;
you shattered all my happy places 
so i had to find new ones
ones where you couldn't touch me with
all your sickness and disease
you said we're strangers
so don't expect i'll ever say a word to
you again not with my lips—
but my eyes will be burning with all the
fire i wish could consume you.

a woman shining brighter than the sun 
we shivered in the tears
of midnight
burned with all the heat of the
sunlight the moon stole,
but you broke me
all the same
until the smell of strangers wounded
me no longer;
it kind-of sounded nice
after everything was said and done
the insincerity and the lies
you were just prince charming leaving me
in the wood and i was cinderella
with her birds—
i won't lie and say i'm always kind
there were times where 
i regretted 
not letting them tear you apart but i refuse
to be a monster like you,
and so i remembered kindness and compassion
forgave you because i needed peace
more than i needed to nurse
a grudge you'd never acknowledge;
you may have knocked me
but i've returned to my feet—
there's nothing you can say or do that will
ever stop me,
i am limitless and men like you could never
handle a strong woman like me.

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