Monday, September 7, 2015

Jonathan Beale- Three Poems

Wild sea at Choshi by Hokusai

Here vertical and the perspective vie
Mountainous spume overwhelms and
Weighs as heavy as the hawk
In the wind.  The out crops parental
Eye blind.  The companies lost in
East of Ed they dance on the edge
The earth draws them
Bouts merge and become a thing among the waves
Demolish visions clawing up
Failing to hold on
As it gently
Slips and falls
So softly

Unveiling Cookham War Memorial (1922) Stanley Spencer

They could not be these without him (descendant)
In their Sunday finest of the Great War – far away
Yet raw to most – the Surrey sun reveals
The white stone – and aide memoir –
Heads bowed – automated
As they who fell under Kitchener’s pointing finger 
Spaces await filling
Those in their fragility – must – step
Onward, onward – time tricks
They’re doomed to aging and long deals
Unlikely they ‘who shall not grow old’
Their minds still too full for reflection
The tears never very far away

Germinal (2001) Matthew Ritchie

Its March 20th
                    the air is ready
spring brings action.
       Ripe for revolution 
Just around the corner are the next, and the next….

                    A massive weight of expectation

There is always the hope that hope that encases
Every seed.

                                                                    Even the seed
Is among the driest dustiest blackest coal – life giving

√Čtienne Lantier that young driven idealistic engine
His red raw rage that drove him on and on….

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