Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shadwell Smith- A Poem

The Adventures of Lulu

You were sex, design and science fiction
stepping out in a string of burlesque pearls
Venus in furs
on the back of a decadent Weimar cat
naturally capricious and perverse

So very brave, new and recreational
Sleek deco mistress
made of penthouse Storyvilles
and medicated femme fatale
drinking highballs at the bar
falling in love again and again and

in the Tin Pan metropolis
there's a dead cat in the Reichstag
and a banker on a ledge
now is the time
when Emperor Ming the Merciless
comes to claim his throne
Shadwell is a school teacher who lives in a small town called Dunstable, about thirty miles to the north of London. His poems have appeared in a number online magazines and he sometimes appears in pubs, clubs and coffee shops reading them.

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