Sunday, May 3, 2015

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems

I live off dreams.
I find warmth from the sun.
All is not hopeless.
Failure is just a test.
I keep my feet on the ground.
I am quiet all the time.
I stay away from the false crowd.
My imagination saves me.
I embrace my dreams.
My patience is endless.
I keep my heart strong.
I bask in the light from the sun. 
I can take or leave your kiss.
Parting does not make me sad.
There is so much to do in
this world, so much wrong and
so much right.  Our days are
numbered.  Hope flies away,
night and day.  I can take
or leave your embrace.  One
of these days we will be gone.
I see you every night anyway
in a dream.  That’s fine with me.
You be strong
and don't mind
the doubters.

Don't let them
put your heart
on a string.

They will just
drag it like
a  Yo-yo.

Try to be
kind to you
because it's

sound advice.
Cut off those
strings attached

By those who
only want
control of

who you are.
Drink life in.
Love it deep.

Live your dreams.

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